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PR YOU – The Essential Do-It-Yourself Guide to Public Relations by Michele Smith and Becky Vieira

PR You! The Essential Do-It-Yourself Guide to Public Relations  is the ultimate resource for creating, executing and sustaining your own public relations campaign.

PR You! breaks down the basic principles and practices of public relations. What it is, how it is done, and, most importantly, how it can be implemented by YOU… without hiring experts. From writing press materials, to media relations, to utilizing Facebook and Twitter to promote your business, the book explains each area of practice within public relations and provides simple how-tos, helping you to secure media coverage and build your brand.

Unlike text books full of nonsensical jargon, PR You! takes a straightforward approach to the practice of PR, and is coupled with a workbook, checklists and handy how-to guides you can use to implement your own PR campaign.  What many PR agencies or publicists won’t tell you is that while everyone and everything can benefit from good PR, small organizations or start-ups don’t always need to hire an expert, and can actually create and sustain their very own PR program. Until you are ready to bring on the pros (and this book will explain exactly when that is), save some money and do the PR yourself.  Between then and now, why not save a lot of money without compromising one of the most crucial aspects of marketing, and successfully launch your own PR campaign? This book will teach you how!

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