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Inspired Soul - A Body on the Move

Inspired Soul – A Body on the Move  takes readers through a spiritual journey, from overcoming life’s adverse challenges, to becoming an USAT Certified Race Director & 4 Time Ironman Finisher. The story of Aaron Hutchinson will not only motivate and inspire, but Inspired Soul –A Body on the Move is also a comprehensive review guide to train for marathons, triathlons, Ironman races and more. The book is a unique, never been done before how-to book that includes helpful tips to train, survive the different race formats, what to expect on race day and is an overall resource for health and wellness. As an excellent resource for first-time triathletes and tips for the seasoned athlete, Inspired Soul – A Body on the Move is guaranteed to motivate and take you into your next level of health and fitness, no matter where you are starting from. Everybody has a day one. When will be yours?
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