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The Sunday Brunch Club

The Sunday Brunch Club is the story of four college friends from SUNY Oswego who are now in their twenties and live in New York. What seems like the perfect life on the outside for all of them isn’t so true. Sadie, who thought her engagement would be absolute bliss is doing anything and everything but picking a wedding date, and wondering if happily ever after only exists in Disney Movies. Lindsey, a middle school teacher in the South Bronx by day and a bartender at night can’t think of her life getting anymore crazy. That is until she reads an article in the New York Post informing her that her married boyfriend is in jail. Courtney, who works in advertising is loving her job and her life all that changes when her boyfriend who is currently living in Chicago decides to move back to New York. Courtney’s perfect little world doesn´t seems to be so perfect anymore. Alison, is a single girl living in the North Bronx because she couldn’t afford any other borough and is drowning in debt. All the while going on one horrible date after the next and from the looks of things doesn’t think New York is going to be where she is going to find Mr. Right or Mr. Anybody. These four friends meet almost every Sunday for Brunch to give each other advice and support, and come to the realization that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side it just looks nicer.



$1 of every book sold will be donated to the American Heart Association 

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