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Ever wanted to know how many calories you burned during sex?

EXERSEXOLOGYTM is your A‐Z guide of creative, erotic positions to have fun and burn calories too! All 26 sexisodes (chapters of sex positions) give you a different thrill and feel. Enjoy the variety of new erotic combinations, which can give you a calorie burn of up to 303kcals from one sexisode!


B– Bootcamp Welcome to your hardcore sex obstacle course of

tricky positions. Bootcamp is full of angles oppositions, fun and laughter. This is your ultimate workout full of sweat, sound and humpin’ around!

DDitto Admire the mirror image of your partner by performing

the same position son each other. Explore your mutual power to

bend, stretch and thrust the body.


GGravity Get sexified right side up and upside down by defying

the earth’s gravitations pull. Demonstrate your strength and explore the power of pleasing each other from all angles.


RRubberband This sexisode will text your flexibility and balance.

Both partners will stretch and be stretched in 12 amazingpositions. The sexisode will loosen and relax those tight muscles of the legs, hips, back and neck. It’s such a please to be stretched and have an orgasm too!



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