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Yellow Socks for Purple Monsters

Socks disappear, first one, then the other

A misplaced sock, lost – then found, leads 2 young children; a monster and a boy, to discover one another and their amazing worlds. Young readers can be drawn into the growing excitement of our two main characters as they share in the discovery and the wonder of exploring something different, yet oddly familiar in what they find beyond.

About Teresa Heihn

This is Teresa’s first of hopefully many books to be fully realized for print. As the mother of 2 grown children, the nightly bedtime routine included bringing classic stories to life or creating new tales from the ideas that the kids would think up on the spot.  Yellow Socks for Purple Monsters draws on Teresa’s experience as the loving mom and enthusiastic story teller for 2 amazingly creative minds.  This book was written to foster story telling at bed time.  To let parents, grandparents and caregivers share in that close experience of turning a page, reading the words, and sharing the images that bring wonder, imagination and inspiration to young minds everywhere.

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