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The Quarantine Cookbook – A Fun, How-To, Educational Cookbook for Kids and Adults of All Ages

The Quarantine CookbookA Fun, How-To, Educational Cookbook for Kids and Adults of All Ages. Now is the time more than ever, to not only teach life skills regarding how to cook, for both parents and kids in mind, but to have fun in the kitchen. And, the bonus is that you can cook at home while serving up restaurant quality entrees with ease. With amazing appetizers, lovable lunch items, delectable dinner entrees and more, the recipes are perfect for every palate and at the same time keeps your budget and what is available in stores in mind.  And, while cooking at home you are teaching your kiddo(s) and quite possibly yourself. Not only will this cookbook create a fun activity for the whole family, but readers will learn about:

·  Recipes created for adults and children of all ages – fun future photo ops to follow

·   An essential life skill - learning how to cook with extra time at home, while teaching our children simple things such as measurements

·   Memorable appetizer, breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes

Yes, your family can still eat restaurant quality food without leaving the comfort of their own home. The Quarantine Cookbook is a learning tool, with recipes to include the Greatest Garlic Bread, Taco Tots, Chicken Stuffed Shells with a Tomato Cream Sauce, each recipe complete with vegetarian options, tips and tricks. All recipes are also rated by difficulty level, so as a parent you will know which recipes come with a warning label (i.e. Cake Pops may result in meltdowns). Enjoy and eat well!

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