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The Real War is Here

Within the last 15 years from a day that will truly never be forgotten has awarded the author on  many different uphill battles to ensure that he wouldn’t ever accept defeat. After waking up from his first coma no longer able to speak English the author then had  the ultimate battle with the government to learn how to converse. Before this fight was won, he worked on a single word every day to make some sense in conversations and the next battle was his assessed “level of disabilities” for retirement where it was so brutally offensively low for receiving benefits (10%,10%,30%) forcing  him to travel to the Pentagon to correct the large fault which was changed with 1 phone conversation upon his return. Jeff Landay was smart enough to purchase a home when the market in California was low, as well as  his own vehicle, has graduated with 2 different college degrees (general education, Social Behavior), and additionally was certified  as a personal trainer to mainly to help himself learn how he should lift as he did prior to  his war injuries at the gym, and possibly stay healthy. Jeff Landay has shared his story  both  in high school and college classes. He also has featured on ABC World News, several local California  news channels, and YouTube interviews., One story even shared his experience at the college his was attending. Last but not least, author Jeff Landay Is friends with a local country channel producers of a morning show who showed the ultimate  respect by giving him a concert.  Jeff Landay’s story is nothing short of inspirational and motivating, and every reader will fully enjoy his personal story.


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