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Feed Your Pet to Avoid The Vet eBook

Feed You Pet to Avoid the Vet, by Greg Martinez DVM, is an introductory look at slow cooking and pet nutrition, and teaches you how to easily and economically prepare food for your dog or cat. You won’t have to worry and wonder about what’s in your furry friend’s food anymore. You’ll know, because you made it!

Dr. Greg has been cooking for his pets for years, and has seen first-hand the difference it has made in the overall health of his pets and in the health of his patients. 
If your pet is obese, diabetic or has flaky skin, ear infections, itchy skin, stomach problems, chronic diarrhea, seizures, bladder problems (constant infections or stones),consider a moist, hypoallergenic, healthful, whole food, homemade diet. It’s cheaper than medications, testing, and most commercial diets!

Dr. Greg will show you how fast, easy, and inexpensive home-cooking for your pet can be.Greg Martinez, DVM has been a veterinarian for over 30 years. After he saw the effects of better nutrition on his own pets and on his patients, he started advising his clients to feed their pets differently.

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