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The Breath of Cuba

The Breath of Cuba is a timely cultural snapshot of a culture at the brink of change.  The story brings the flavor of Cuba alive and celebrates its rich cultural heritage in a way that few other books on Cuba will because of the intimate connection Cheri created with the people through coming there as a student of their music and culture.

This is a story about love.

Not the kind of love between a man and a woman.   Nor the kind of love between a mother and a child.    It’s not the kind of love that leaves you lost and abandoned.  No, not that kind of love that makes you wither and die.

But this is a story about love.

It’s a story that transcends human romance through the realm of the romance of  life.  It takes you into the heart of Cuba through one woman’s love of magic, music, community, culture and passion.

What Readers are Saying:

“I love it!  The way you write it just makes me want to continue to read more and more.  I can visualize what you are talking about from both my own experience being in Cuba and also from my exposure to different cultures and traveling.    Well done Cheri!”   Ewket Assefa

“I love the the fact that the story is not about getting the love from others but finding it within yourself.  I think it is provocatively sensual, and thought provoking.   It makes us all want to live a richer life, full of possibilities.”  Kristina Sutcliffe

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