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The Rightful Heirs

In "The Rightful Heirs," the past and present intersect in this captivating fortune hunt to recover the inheritance of six Italian-Jewish industrialists thought lost in World War II. Imagine these families caught in a web of impending war and atrocities, trying to stay alive and protect their combined fortune of $4.5 million in cash, gold, securities and bonds. Imagine that great fortune stashed away in 24 Swiss bank accounts for nearly 70 years. What would it be worth today?

"The Rightful Heirs" will keep readers riveted from beginning to end in this worldwide treasure hunt to recover and unlock the security to a vast, unclaimed fortune.


About the Author


Tom Schuyler is a native Montanan who moved to the warmer climate of California to complete his B.A. and M.S degrees from San Jose State University.

Completing a major in English and Speech arts, he spent the next 22 years as a high school English and drama teacher. After leaving the education field he shifted gears and became a sales representative for several companies involved in the FAA airport noise abatement programs.

He now makes his retirement home in the lovely foothills of the Sierra Nevada near Sacramento, Calif.


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