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Beyond the Iron

Get Ready to Take on the Ultimate Challenge. Beyond the Iron takes athletes interested in learning and training for Ultra-Distance Triathlons on a tour de force of the world of Ultra-Distance Triathlon endurance events. This in-depth guide provides a complete overview of what it takes to mentally, spiritually and physically prepare to cross the finish line; detail-by-detail descriptions of a proven training program; and most of all, insight and expertise given by author Wayne Kurtz. He is also a devoted and enthusiastic endurance athlete who over the years has participated in dozens of these events worldwide.

Reading the book will be like you have Kurtz right with you as your personal coach and trainer to provide endless encouragement, knowledge and guidance to ensure you learn the following: Race distances and specific circuit courses, Practical and applicable training tips, Detailed and in-depth daily training schedules, Insightful Twitch Tips to provide insider knowledge and expertise, and Mental training tips to prepare your mind and spirit to cross the finish line.

Beyond the Iron is the must-have guide to help prospective and current endurance athletes succeed at a sport guaranteed to test physical and mental limits.

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