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Stronger Than Iron

Imagine the unimaginable ... athletes participating in an event where the distances were staggering: 72-miles swimming, 3,360-miles biking, and 786-miles running. So for those of you familiar with car stickers of the various running or triathlon distances on your automobiles such as 26.2, 140.6, etc. this decal would be 4,218 total miles! In 2013 the unimaginable became REAL! Development and organization of the Triple DECA took an unimaginable concept and made it imaginable. Representatives from The Guinness Book of Records attended the Triple DECA under the tagline: The longest race in endurance sports history. It would be an attempt to succeed at the most consecutive Iron triathlons ever in human history. This race would raise a question: What is the limit? The Triple DECA Iron held in Italy would push the limit far beyond what men (and one woman) had done before. Read about this incredible experience. Get to know the faces, personalities, and experiences of the men and women who accomplished such an amazing mental and physical feat. What were the challenges? What were the lessons? What compelled these men and women to push the limits of mental and physical endurance. This story will rivet and awe you as you discover what it takes to not only participate but FINISH a Triple DECA event a world-record breaking endurance race. The longest triathlon race in endurance sports history.

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